A speculative magazine edition for AQUILA Magazine based on the topic of Gastronomy. It consists of 16 pages (8 spreads), including a front and back cover. Each page is dedicated to a different aspect of gastronomy (e.g. 7 basic tastes, food history, the science behind certain foods and recipes). Some pages have been integrated with augmented reality (Artivive) to make the overall experience more interactive and engaging. As an accompaniment to the magazine, I also created packaging design for a baking mix to be sold alongside the magazine to push its interactivity for my audience (ages 8~12).

How Does My Tongue Work?

A spread illustrating the gustatory system (how we taste).

Dust Jacket Cover Design

The final dust jacket for the magazine.

Page Preview

A set of spreads included in the magazine.

Confetti Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

A spread presenting the recipe for confetti cinnamon rolls that accompany the baking mix packaging.

Confetti Cinnamon Rolls Baking Mix

Baking mix packaging to accompany the recipe spread in the magazine.

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