"The Fight Under The Green Pine" is a criticism of Turkey in the 70s and 80s when the Military had taken over the government; reading, thinking, and speaking were seen as dangerous, political individuals were imprisoned and tortured including my own family members. At the same time, Turkish Hollywood "Yesilçam" was very popular. Love stories in the cinema, death on the streets… This contrast was the focal point of my designs. Taking inspiration from the Parka, glamour both clashes and harmonizes with the reality of Turkey in the 70s and 80s.

Mindmap & Concept Board of "The Fight Under The green Pine"

Many different key elements from Turkey were used for inspiration; from music to political figures and garments to the experiences of my own family.

A Political Garment: The Parka

Parkas were my focal point as they represented a certain political ideology in Turkey for which my family had suffered. I have experimented with the garment by trying to glamourize it.

Scans of Key Images and Collages


How to Glamourize a Parka?

I have taken inspiration from one of the most important actresses in Yeşilçam, Türkan Şoray, and tried to reference her costumes and also try to create a more feminine feeling by experimenting through draping with a vintage Parka.

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