"The Fight Under The Green Pine" is a criticism of Turkey in the 70s and 80s when the Military had taken over the government; reading, thinking, and speaking were seen as dangerous, political individuals were imprisoned and tortured including my own family members. At the same time, Turkish Hollywood "Yesilçam" was very popular. Love stories in the cinema, death on the streets… This contrast was the focal point of my designs. Taking inspiration from the Parka, glamour both clashes and harmonizes with the reality of Turkey in the 70s and 80s.

Glam Parka?

Experimenting with the idea of creating a glamorous Parka

Türkan Şoray Inspired Dress

The dress is a direct reference to the purple dress worn by Türkan Soray in "Acil Koca Araniyor" (1975)

Design Development of Look #1

from my first toile of a parka skirt, to the draping with an original war parka to my final garment...

Collage of Final garments

two looks together with digital collages I have made in the background

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