'Zohrah's journey of self-development'. The memories within this project represent parts of my story. The purpose of this project is to give an outsider a lens into my life and the events that I believe have played a role in defining who I am.

The interview

This sculpture is a visualisation of my interview for BA (Hans) Interaction Design Arts, with Joel and Biggles.

The gap year

This sculpture represents a bad year of my life.

Moving to London

This sculpture represents the first step towards positive change in my life.

Stuck in my shell

This sculpture represents my difficulties within new social situations.

New connections

This sculpture represents my personal growth with making friends and connections.

Digital learning champion at UAL

This sculpture represents me being offered an exciting job after a long period of unemployment.

Taking antidepressants

This sculpture represents a step in my life that was necessary to maintain a stable mind.

Working out

This sculpture represents my journey of improving my physical body through going to the gym.

Climbing my mountain

This sculpture represents all of the other sculptures within this journey of self development, but it mostly represents a strong sense of achievement for overcoming the obstacles that I was faced with.

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