Branding and identity within fine art designs is all about defining a style that can be furthered in the mind of the audiences My mission of uniting people through their common ability to feel emotion similarly, no matter the cause, has led me through a design rationale that values graphics for their literal projection of events but colour as a personal interpretation of these.

One of a Kind Foreign

“ In the shape of my periphery I am always Me Other people know if I’m better or worse Other people can see me more than I can see myself Hopefully a short walk for a glass half full I may have drank the other half in my waiting”

The World is Our Neighbourhood

For the Mexican Embassy in London, part of the project titled “Camaradas” as a celebration of the collaboration amongst Mexico and the UK


Film poster for the film “Appètit” by Olayitan Williams


My journey into composing a piece of jazz music and recording it in order to animate it in my own staple artistic style was a project I was interested in even before I picked up the trumpet. It is one of the concepts that I had in my repertoire that was perfect for this SIP. The entire concept evolved from an animation only without music originally, from when I sketched the first storyboards into this mixed media passion project. Since my first year in London, learned many new modes of thought, expanded my worldview, and picked up many skills. The trumpet in the 2020/2021 lockdown has been my faithful companion that allowed me to gauge my progress in the solitude and since I found my bearings, I have been mesmerized by jazz playing.

Polímatia or polymath

“ Reaching the final frontier And understanding it Why did I want to finish knowing? The final frontier was the self And now I live knowing there’s nothing beyond Stories make me feel accompanied Or perhaps distract me”

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