The project ‘farm’ urges consideration of the implications of the blurred boundaries between the physical and virtual worlds. As synthetic media integrates into our daily lives, it prompts questions about how the spread of artificial humans—driven by the rise of digital consumerism, deepfakes, AI-generated personas, and other synthetic media forms—influences our society and individual consciousness. This exploration delves into the emergence of a novel artificial society examining the borderlines between the digital and real. ‘Farm’ represents a parallel between the traditional notion of land and buildings for crop cultivation and animal rearing with the modern concept of render farms—high-performance computer systems that produce computer-generated imagery (CGI). Lauryna, in collaboration with composer A.Siurys, breathed new meaning into her project by recording sounds from her 3D computer graphics rendering process, thereby making the sonic aspect an inseparable component of the narrative. The project prompts reflection on evolving definitions, our changing understanding of humanity, and the dynamic nature of societal shifts. With humans now able to be manifested through computer algorithms, the project invites us to contemplate the transformation of farms into environments that nurture not only plants and animals but also digital beings. (The project is being developed into a more multidimensional installation)


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