'Reflections, a Synthetic Grace' is a site-specific installation displayed as the centrepiece in an altar, consisting of 6 sculptures assembled from Floral Study. It is elevated on metal candle holders, positioned in a linear formation, giving a sense of symmetry. Radiating from the sculptures are dozens of flickering candlelight surrounding the floral compositions. The silver-made artificial flowers at the altar challenge the traditional use of living flowers and toys with the idea of “purity”. It posed a paradox that silver, symbolically associated with “purity” in Christianity, is being utilised here in an artificial form, contradicting the conventional notion of “purity” derived from living flowers. The juxtaposition between the silver's materiality and the silver flower's artificiality invites viewers to reevaluate their understanding of “purity”. It posed the question of the significance attached to material authenticity versus its symbolic representation. Can the paradox of silver artificial flowers convey a sense of “purity” in alternative ways, or does their artificiality inherently contradict the concept?

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