The design of the shop is inspired by surrealism, which is analysed as a trend by WGNS thanks to the growing influence of the metaverse and Artificial Intelligence. As society becomes more dependent on technology, so does its desire to imagine and access new worlds. In exploring the world of the unconscious and its relationship to surrealism, the concept of escapism and its connection to the yearning to discover new realities, motivated by recent wars, crises and the impact of Covid-19, was also incorporated. Therefore, various ways of playing with consumers' senses and transporting them to "Schiaparelli's Worlds" to escape from reality were studied.

Immersive Experience Shop For Schiaparelli/ Marcela Bonhome Peinado

The video shows in 3D a shop located in Regents Street, London and its design as Schiaparelli's new pop-up store. It maintains a simple design incorporating elements that invite the user to enter Schiaparelli's worlds. The space has different immersive rooms inspired by the brand's articles, which use the integration of technology to facilitate interaction with the customer, as in the case of intelligent fitting rooms or the virtual reality room.

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