‘Just because we are women…’ explores societal gender norms and the idea of gender performativity, in particular, how women are socialised into acting out their ‘femininity’ to find acceptance in society. The project takes a surrealistic approach, appropriating the language of beauty advertising, yet replacing objects for beautification with common domestic objects, questioning the influence visual culture and the way it depicts women has on how western society perceives femininity. Moreover, it highlights the persisting influence traditional female stereotypes and ideals have on women’s lives in contemporary times, with a particular focus on women’s appearance and their expected role in the domestic space. By citing the enduring influence of these outdated stereotypes, the project wants to invoke the process of unlearning them, and release women from the societal restrictions present in their subconscious,and by doing so, help them regaining their freedom of choice on how they appear and live their lives.


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