How have we changed under the gaze? As one of the innate human instincts, since when did gazing start to make people fearful? This project examines the reasons behind why gazing scares people and gives a sense of what ridiculous changes it makes in people. In this story, the gaze becomes a top social rule. I fictionalised a brand who were hosting a special awards event...

{special event}

In previous projects, I acknowledge that the fear of others' gaze can be daunting, yet I consistently avoided recognizing that the same gaze also holds significant value — I was unwilling to believe and confront the fact that I, too, longed for being gazed. Like a drug, the gaze provided me with external validation, but concurrently made me more fragile, increasingly afraid of unfriendly judgments, leading me to hide my true self. In this project, I aim to challenge myself, exploring what impact the gaze of others truly has on individuals.

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