Lights. Camera. Art. It's fascinating how the mind of an artist works. They put a part of themselves into every piece of work they create. In this process, an artist tends to overlook chronicling the journey of creating it. With the aim of capturing artists in their environments, Rudresh Arora throws a spotlight on the artists and everything that represents them. Welcome to the Broadway. A show where the art is the artists themselves.

I am a Philocalist (Lover of beauty)

"The act of bringing my veiled space, my artistic concerns into the spotlight made me feel like I have flipped the page of my sketchbook out in the world. My studio holds a salient place within my artistic practice. I am fascinated by the fact that every single day I step in my studio, it has something new to offer, something challenging. Thus, it situated me in a space I choose to live in as an Artist. Simply sitting in my studio offers me an immense sense of being alive."

I am a Printmaker & Ceramicist

"My creative practice is a huge part of me. So much so that it sometimes consumes my whole being. My space exactly reflects who I am. Being captured in my space felt like as if I'm singing my favourite song on my best day."

I am a Theatre Director, Actor & Writer.

"The space I create my art in is extremely important to me. I write and make a lot of absurd theatre or alternative (to society standards) art so home being a safe place for experimentation and art itself is really important. This time my artistic expression was so directly about myself?"

I am a Musician.

"From the beginning, I felt quite natural and at ease, as I was playing and singing while being photographed. I felt observed but not judged, fostered and encouraged even. My performing process was being crystallised into stills for other people to see. Everything about the space informs my art, in its current iteration, at that moment in time. The quality of my spaces of writing is important, but the quality of my space for performing is crucial."

I am a Dancer & a Musician.

"Being put in the spotlight is something I find very vulnerable and confronting, which is funny because I have chosen a life that puts me directly in it. As a musician and dancer, my job is to be vulnerable and bare myself to the world, to be observed and allow room for judgment. This room is where I write most of my songs, where I cry, where I dance, where I layer myself to brace the outside world, and where I ultimately come back to at the end of the day, ready to peel the layers off again, so that I can stay open to all that is to come."

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