"In the Raw Wind of the New World" is a photography series exploring the delicate and transient nature of memories in the digital era. Amidst a world abundant with technological advancements, the project echoes Byung-Chul Han's observation in "The Agony of Eros" that love has become detached. The artist, drawing from his own past intense long-distance relationship, uses archived photos to contemplate how couples perceive an abundance of intimate photos post-relationship. He views photography as meaningful physical objects rather than merely perfect images. This work emphasizes the tangible nature of photographs, portraying them not as flawless visuals but as palpable remnants of existence. It challenges the conventional perception of photography by treating photos like brushstrokes on a canvas, creating blurred, personal archives. The process of shattering and reassembling these archives forms a visual language that mirrors the complex dynamics of modern relationships, heavily influenced by digital platforms. In an age where digital platforms often diminish the significance of intimate photos to simple tokens of connection, the artist aspires to reforge a connection with the tangible world, underscoring the intrinsic value of these captured moments. Each ripped or cut piece of photograph paper symbolizes an act of leaving imprints, thereby encapsulating the true essence of memory.

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