Final Moving Image for The Interactive Brief (Year 2 Project)

The brief was to respond to the crucial theme of sustainability, which will inspire you to develop a visual narrative leading to the production of a moving fashion image. Your final moving image can be created through a combination of analogue and digital techniques. I am trying to show that sustainable shoes don’t have to be boring but instead can be fun, colourful and high fashion whilst still having a positive impact on the world. I will be featuring the shoe designs of Daniel Charkow, a recent LCF graduate in Footwear Design whose main goal is to create sustainable footwear with a flair. His shoes are made out of already existing items such as chairs, egg cups and frakta bags. Instead of using materials that are popular when making shoes, for example, leather (in 2021, leather accounted for 33% of shoe sales) which uses huge amounts of water and has the greatest impact on wastewater which often flows untreated to local waterways.

Can Sustainable Footwear Be Fashionable?

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