Rusalka’s world, an ominous car park, comprises of human waste left behind the shopping mall, covered in moss. Rusalka’s world is neither alive nor dead, instead in a constant state of metamorphosis. Everyone in world one, including Rusalka representing moss and decomposition, making Rusalka a creature. The main theme explored in Rusalka’s materiality is identity; identifying as a single entity in one materiality. Unlike Rusalka’s world, the Prince's world is ‘Supermean’; a parody of a brand that alludes to how we become the commodities we consume. Rusalka, unaware of everyone in the Prince's world is trapped in the consumerism cycle longs for ‘a soul, which we (the nymphs and her) don’t possess. Rusalka’s longing is justified, with the audience sympathising with Rusalka’s need ‘to be human and live in the golden sunshine!; drastic change from the gloomy car park. Through sweeping movement, Rusalka tears away parts of her costume, revealing the gleaming red nylon, which consumes her. By puppeteering the seemingly flat shape into a pyramid, Rusalka creates her transformation.

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