The practise of necromancy caught my attention when reading through Dr. Faustus. In order to obtain what he desires most in this world—power—Faust makes a deal with the devil and becomes entangled in dark magic. But does someone captured by this magic possess abilities comparable to those of God? Or is it simply a façade? Dark magic, in my opinion, is a distinct thing from power. The fate that awaits fools who think that they are the same thing is their own entirely. In my interpretation of Dr. Faustus, I aimed to capture this tragic fate which awaited the characters Valdes and Cornelius.


A simple story.

Transformation of Costume

Showing how the fat suit opens to reveal another character.

Final Sketches

Front and back profile of each character.

Valdes and Cornelius

Accepting the inevitable consequences of using dark magic.

Valdes and Cornelius

In this shot, Cornelius appears and wonders what he has done to Valdes.


Little do we know at this stage is that Cornelius is inside of him.

Valdes and Cornelius

A short costume-led film depicting the downfall of Valdes and Cornelius.

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