During my year in DPS, I participated in a competition held by the organisation, Grads in Games, as part of my SIPS project. I was given a brief and several themes to choose from – of which, I chose ‘Fight or Flight’. I took quite a literal approach when coming up with the concept for this character and wanted to do something related to owls and young falcons. To address the ‘fight’ of the theme, I wanted to convey a sense of inexperience and immaturity in my character’s appearance by giving her a youthful but sheepish appearance. The character was created through a standard games asset pipeline: conceptualised, 3D sculpted in Zbrush and Nomad, Retopologised, rigged, and posed in Autodesk Maya. The competition was a great test of my ability to create a character within a short period of time.

Piper the Young - Final Render

Piper the Young - Final Render Face

Refinement Sketches

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