This series is inspired by the theories of philosopher Glen Albrecht and his concept of ‘Solastalgia’. Of the neologism he said “I defined “solastalgia” as an emplaced or existential melancholia experienced with the negative transformation (desolation) of a loved home environment” (2024). As part of my research for my final year project on the Cailleach I visited the ancient site of the Hag of Beara on the Beara Peninsula. The standing stone at this site is said to be the petrified remains of the Cailleach who was turned to stone by a saint after she stole his bible. I decided to dress myself as the Cailleach and take self-portraits at this site. In this act of performing the Cailleach, I considered her fate to stare forever unable to move watching the land she loved undergo destruction at the hands of her human children. I was struck with how much I resonated with the feelings of grief and despair for an inability to protect the Earth, I concluded that we are experiencing a society-wide Solastalgia as we all anticipate irreversible climate change and the images that follow represent reflections on our lack of presence in the natural world.

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