The ‘Curved Poetics’ collection is primarily designed for plus-size men with a view to flexible sizing from S to 4XL achieved by the engineering of waistlines and body volume in pattern cutting, colour and print. 'Curved Poetics' 2023 menswear collection proposes how to challenge the aesthetics of fashion under the paradigm when society continues to proclaim the beauty of mainstream body values. It is an attempt to alleviate the ‘fat’ stigma and body discrimination against obese people under the traditional social gaze. The project aims to provide more fashion choices for the obese. The collection investigated and demonstrated the fluid aesthetics of fat to give a ‘creative ownership of fat’ approach to the design of the collection. The collection shows the beauty of different body shapes, hoping to liberate fat from its pejorative meaning and give it a positive concept. The project works with the concept of fat shadows to form unique silhouettes and pattern cutting to express the fluidity of fat. Throughout the collection, the garments are constructed with raglan sleeves to facilitate the movement of the upper body of the plus-size man.

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