This transdisciplinary project unites Fashion and Geology in an interdisciplinary marriage of research and design. The designer uses playful, interactive installations to engage the public in thought-provoking conversation regarding the after-life of our garments and urges people to consider the following: • Where do our clothes end up after use? • What are the geological impacts of our clothing waste? • What happens if our clothing doesn’t biodegrade? • And how does clothing waste impact the geological landscape of countries that are left to deal with the waste? By combining science, art and technology in an interactive ‘Playground’, Iona Beresford challenges the status quo of mass clothing consumption in a bid to change the future of fashion and ultimately combat climate change by asking us to consider the entire life cycle of our clothing and consider where it ends up and who has to deal with the fallout.

MA Fashion Futures Master's project

In this video, I talk about my Master's project creative outcomes and discuss the key themes that ran through my research and the underpinning theory around which my practice-based research was based. Please get in touch if the 'playground' is of interest to you or your research!

Warning: contains flashing images

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