My project originated from my ideas and primary research taken from nature, exploring the layering, textures and details created. My project progressed as I linked some of the resemblances I found in the patterns made up in my nature research to the patterns and grid like structures found in architecture. When beginning to step in to architecture I was instantly drawn to the the structured grid patterns that reminded me or Tartan like prints. The idea of over lapping lines and tartan prints started my research into Vivienne Westwood as it reminded me of some of her most classic and well known designs. Moving my research towards more finalised designs and narrowing down my ideas i aimed to intertwine the two aspects in a way that compliment each other. I liked the idea of using some of my more structured architectural like designs as more of a base fabric and then using my much more intricate flower pieces as motifs and focal points for my samples. Within this project I also touched upon sustainability and when choosing fabrics for my samples I selected some recycled materials such as denim from old pairs of jeans and cotton from bedsheets.

Research and drawings behind my final designs

What I took from nature to develop into my final product

Inspiration behind final designs and samples

The development behind my designs

Final range

Final designs and samples

Yellow flower development

Research and development into designs and techniques that made my yellow flower

Inspiration from architecture

Creating grids and patterns inspired by architecture

Relations between nature and architecture

Linking shapes and patterns found in both nature and architecture

Colour and material board

A range of colours used throughout my project

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