Sequin and Hand Stitched Checks on Denim

Hand stitched sequins onto a denim background. Each sequin is stitched with a small bead to secure in place to add extra texture and shine.

Embellished Organza on White Cotton

Organza embellished onto white cotton using the Embellisher Machine. Check pattern created by using machine stitched metallic threads. Sequins hand stitched at the join of each check.

Tufted Demin

Denim background with tufted check pattern. This was created using a tufting machine in a cross pattern. Gold metallic thread hand stitched to create a check pattern.

Flowers Embroidered over Checks

Pink cotton background with checks created on the embellisher machine. Running stitches created by hand with hand embroidery thread, running horizontally and vertically to create a checked pattern. Flowers created in satin stitch by using a juki machine.

Diamond Shaped Checked Demin

Demin background with organza embellishment using the embellisher machine. Gold beads placed where each check crosses. Orange running stitches using orange metallic thread along each orange strip of colour.

Hand Embroidered Flower on Demin

Flowers hand embroidered onto denim using satin, ribbon, organza and lace. Embellishments hand stitched using beads, metallics and sequins.

Close up of Appliqué Flower on White Drill

Close up of a flower, hand embroidered onto white drill fabric. Flowers created by using machine stitched, appliqué organza. Sketch style pattern created using free machining.

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