A merging of what is real versus a skewed perception. I lucid dream... I am in a videogame. A shifted perspective merging the plane of reality with it. Are you asleep? What if you could see your stats? Would that change your game plan? What if I were to approach my real life in the same way as how I approach my dreams? I actually end up playing games or being some kind of game character in my dreams and in a videogame, when a character's statistics would show something needs attention such as low energy levels or lives running low I’d be so quick to try and rectify that without thinking too much about it but why with my real life is that such a hard concept to grasp. I haven’t been feeling that sense of control and I say this documents a 'factory reset' in my life and an 'update', deciphering my dreams has allowed me to achieve an ambition... a dream through a dream, a dream of compassion,control and fearlessness. ​

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