Article: Pakistan faces one of the biggest natural disaster's on record, with a third of the country deluged in water, devastated by flooding.

News story: 'With over a third of ‘Pakistan’, affected by devastating floods, there is huge concern across the globe, but still not enough to save the country completely from such a crisis. Foreign aid was immediate, but still scarce, and on the 30th of September, 2022, there was still not enough aid to lift the country out of such a catastrophe. When flooding hit Pakistan, it was news of one of the biggest natural disasters on record. An estimated third of the country was under water, and flooded, destroying land, crops, livestock and generally Pakistan’s plans for a brighter future, every country’s dream. A staggering and alarming portion of the country was submerged in flood water. It all happened during the Pakistani Monsoon season, as news broke about a possible flood outbreak. Pakistan has never seen anything like it, as waters started rising within hours and days, leaving the country deluged in murky waters. The flood damage has not yet subsided, and the country is still left in devastation. Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sherif claimed that the country, needed at least 10 billion, to deal with the crisis, and it was reported that a further 22 billion was needed to deal with the problems within Pakistan’s biggest flooding properly. The DEC raised about 48 million, with a gift aid donation of a further 5 million, but this still does not suffice. IMF emergency funding was settled quickly at 1.77 billion, with other reports stating that the IMF released 1.1 billion within days of the catastrophe, an amount, indicative of the scales used to measure the amount of water flooding most areas, at a staggering 1.17 metres. On the first day of flooding, an estimated 1,100 people died immediately, with important areas of Pakistan affected, such as Punjab, and Baluchistan province, and Nowshera. The Sindh province of Pakistan was one of the worst hit areas during the crisis. With most of the country, said to be ‘under water’, the results were, and still are alarming. An unprecedented disaster, it was classed as an emergency by the DEC, the Disaster Emergency Committee, with not enough coverage by press and media. With Pakistan being hit so severely by such a natural disaster, it’s important to consider the need to help them during this crisis, but this time the press was, and still is not there. With Pakistan stranded, during such a natural disaster, it’s important to consider the need to help them during this crisis.

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