Yaoguai, a magical creature between a spirit and a monster, can’t be seen by human but exists in countless myths and legends. Born from nature and lodged in the imagination of mankind, yaoguai will become ordinary creatures again when they are forgotten by all. In order to spread their stories without losing themselves, the disappearing yaoguai choose to board the Train of Yaoguai, a train that travels between myths around the world. However, all the yaoguai who board the train will gradually lose their memories, forgetting why they got on and why they got off, and will eventually lose themselves. The protagonist, a yaoguai in the form of a black cat, boards the train to keep on existing, and she will meet the myths and traditions of different regions, but will she be able to preserve herself and return to her hometown in the end? This is a quest for self and the meaning of existence, and an adventure with no turning back.

The Train of Yaoguai (test animation)

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