With the development of Industry 4.0, more and more objects carry intelligent systems, and the business model is gradually changing.The coverage of the subscription model extends from software products to software-led physical products.This subscription economy blurs the lines between ownership and Access . My work simulates the situation of subscribing to physical products under the IoT,Let people experience the journey from purchasing an item, Unlocking firmware to enable features, to losing access.Through the access that may be lost at any time, it gives the experiencer a sense of out-of-control, causing the question "whether the items I purchased really belong to me",so as to think deeply what is going to happen when we move from ownership to access.

Do you really own it ?

Interactive Installation Display

The installation embeds a control board internally, with both the faucet and tabletop controlled by motors, enabling real-time interaction with people.

UI visual design

People can control furniture through this software.

Project PDF

This pdf is a research record of the entire project, including all design processes

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