According to the World Health Organization's accident investigation, drunk driving has been listed as the leading cause of death in car accidents.In 2010, after China reviewed the Criminal Law Amendment, drunk driving was included in the Criminal Law.Nowadays, "don't drive after drinking" has become the consensus of car owners, and "calling for a designated driver after drinking" has also become a habit.However, there is still a blind spot in the supervision of the chauffeured driving industry, and there is a lack of necessary means for the division of responsibilities, and the life safety and personal interests of both parties cannot be guaranteed.After the accident, it is very difficult for the injured party to defend their rights because of the lack of evidence. The safe & sound system is a system centered on "sober bottle" and app,The core function of the product is to bring the car owner into a calm mental state through rhythmic liquid flow and white noise, thereby reducing physical conflicts in the process,The app mainly strengthens the supervision of the whole process, and at the same time cooperates with relatives and friends to help, so as to clarify the division of responsibilities and ensure the personal safety of both parties.


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