My final major project is titled '家 (Home)', a word that can be read as both family and home, and a means to document and process my family and I being evicted from our home. Shaped by my personal experiences and recognising how many people have gone through eviction, this artwork intends to communicate the heartbreak of eviction and the feeling of being displaced, and to also bring comfort to those that have experienced it.

家 (Home), cover 1

As I submit this project, I have fully moved out of my childhood home and this is my final farewell to the house that I grew up in.

家 (Home), cover 2

An exploration of home after eviction, my final outcome is titled ‘家’ which is a word that can be read as both family and home as this project was a means to document and process our eviction.

家 (Home), final installation

All 100 clay houses are hand-painted with unique details to express the love and care that goes into one's own home. For the installation of my work, there are only 99 clay houses seen in the rigid grid arrangement; one house can be distinctly noted as missing in the gap in the grid, capturing the feeling of displacement.

Missing Pieces

Exploring home and family, these layered painterly monotype prints are inspired by my childhood photos taken in a place that I once-and-can-no-longer-call home. House silhouettes cut out the centres to express how my home is now 'missing' from these images.

What Makes a House a Home? (1/3)

These digital illustrations are a triptych, intended to be viewed as a series exploring home as a space.

What Makes a House a Home? (2/3)

With each iteration, the buildings become more abstract as they lose their structure and shape. With the same elements, i.e. textures, windows, doors, rooves, and chimneys, even though they don't keep to the expected structures, are they still houses? If not, then at what point are they no longer recognised or considered as houses?

What Makes a House a Home? (3/3)

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