Where my inner peace is at? For my final major project, I wish to use this opportunity to create a space and time for deep reflection on my values and beliefs. Living in a world of chaos, I am always seeking peace and love in my life. I want to find a group of people who share similar ideologies and values with me, as I believe most of the time people feel lost. I wish to create a space where people can immerse them- selves and find inner peace and tranquility. For me, I always find my inner peace in nature. The relationship between humans and nature is profound; we coexist in this world, and human development relies on nature. Whether it's materially or spiritually, I cannot separate myself from the natural environment. Therefore, I approach it with gratitude and awe. Achieving inner peace is something I've always pursued, as I am a very sensitive person, and my emotions fluctuate with the environment. One of my lifelong dreams is world peace, although its vast and enduring, I want to witness that historic moment. So, I want to use this project to fill some emotional voids within me. If humanity were to ultimately face extinction, what form would the next civilization discover us in?

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