The aim of this brief called ‘Us’ was to communicate an aspect of the human existence that holds significance to me. I based my project around the London-based club called Fold, which hosts daytime rave events on Sundays called Unfold. Through my animations, I aimed to capture the unique, inclusive, liberating, and energetic atmosphere of Unfold, which serves as a safe queer space where individuals are free to express their identity, gender, and sexuality. The focus of my project is translating the ‘unfolding’ feeling of reaching a trance-like, meditative state through dancing and dissolving the sense of self in music.


Outcome video, please watch with sound. Sound: Kmyle - Microcosm, Schwefelgelb - Es Zieht Mich (Crystal Geometry RMX), Zanias - Pleroma

Warning: contains flashing images

Selection of frames from my animation / video

Trance-like state

Selection of frames from my video/animation

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