For this brief, I was tasked with creating a fictional brand experience comprising several deliverables for an exhibition, conference and event series called ‘Desire to Waste’ at the V&A museum in London. Thematically the ‘Desire to Waste’ exhibition investigates the unhealthy relationship between our insatiable desire to consume and buy and its waste – and harmful consequences. I created a mix of still and animated posters, banners, social media content etc. In my project, I play with abstraction, symbolism, the grotesque, and the interplay of hiding and revealing. I depict desire as large, abstract and shiny sculptures that attract us – but simultaneously hide, cage and distract us from the underlying truth within: waste. Ultimately the aim of this exhibition and the event speakers would be to change human behaviour and our perspective on consumption and waste. To reinforce this positive message, I altered the slogan in some of my animations and my 3D print to “Desire to Change”.

Desire to Waste - Deliverables - Video Outcome

Video of my media package, still posters, animated posters, banners etc.

Banner design on mock-up

Still end frames of my animated posters

Still frame middle of animated poster on mock-up

Still frame middle of animated poster on mock-up

Main poster on mock-up

Main still poster and listings posters

3D print, 'Perspective Change'

By changing the perspective through which it is viewed, the viewer can transform ‘Waste’ into ‘Change’

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