My typographic intervention is based on my observations in the Greenwich foot tunnel. The tunnel’s interior design is plain but full of prohibitions and rules like KEEP LEFT and NO CYCLING etc. But, most people in the tunnel do cycle and it’s normal to break the rules that are written all over the tunnel. I found this ironic and entertaining and therefore decided, as a theoretical concept, to make it pretty much impossible to cycle or follow the other rules in there. This is achieved through typographic see-through butcher-curtains, obstacles and glass panels blocking the path. The three words I chose to write in my intervention, embody my concept: DISPROPORTIONATE HOSTILE PURPOSE. The “purpose” of my intervention is “disproportionately” “hostile” towards cyclists. The concept behind the type designs is semantic typography – the words/letters look like their meaning.

Overview of my 3D design

Overview frist section, butcher-curtains 'DIS' 'PRO' 'PORTION' 'ATE'

Details DISPROPORTIONATE letters based on tiles in tunnel

View entering 1st butcher-curtain, 'DIS' from DISPROPORTIONATE

Details 2nd butcher-curtain 'PRO' from DISPROPORTIONATE

Details 3rd butcher-curtain 'PORTION' from DISPROPORTIONATE

Details 4th butcher-curtain 'ATE' from DISPROPORTIONATE

Side view, HOSTILE and PURPOSE glass panels

Details obstacle letters 'HOSTILE'

Details from HOSTILE

Detail hostile letters and panels in background

Overview zig zag PURPOSE glass panels

Details typography PURPOSE based on tiles and direction

Details 'RPO' from 'PURPOSE'

Details 'PUR' from PURPOSE

Details 'OSE' from PURPOSE

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