In my first final year project, I aimed to enhance my 3D skills and prepare for future projects. I freely explored my keyword ‘Translucency’ – “the quality of allowing light to pass through” – and used analogue/physical and digital experimentation as inspiration for my 3D designs. During this project, among other things, I learned more about 3D materials, camera and render settings, light, physics and particle simulation, animation, 3D sculpting/modelling, 3D scanning and 3D printing.


Video telling the concept of my experimentation, showing my physical sculptures, 3D scans, inspired 3D designs and 3D print

Video, experimental animation - testing 3D materials, sculpting, simulation

Still from my animation, 3D scan

Details 3D materials on my 3D scans of my sculpture

3D scan test, translucent fabric

3D scan, edited my physical sculptures

3D scan, edited my physical sculptures

Still from my animation, testing materials, 3D scan

3D scan edit and merged with my sculptures

Stills from my cloth animations and 3D scan

Detail, still from my animation

Still from one of my animations

Still from my animation, details of my 3D scanned sculptures turned into flowers

Stills from test animation

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