The 2024 BAGD degree show app stands apart from our BA graphic design degree show's overall identity and concept, which is my final project. You can explore the app and watch an introductory video on how to use it by visiting my website and scanning the provided QR code. In designing the app, I drew inspiration from the intricate patterns of fractal art and the beauty of nature. Fractal art, with its representation of unity within diversity, perfectly aligns with the essence of the degree show and serves as the central theme of the app's design.

Landing page and Gallery page

This app has various features, including Gallery, Camera, and Message Board. Please read the pop-up window thoroughly. The top picture is the Landing and Gallery page. I categorized students’ artworks under specific categories like print, branding, and digital art in an alphabetical order. Each category will be represented by a fractal pattern icon. At the moment, only the Print page is available. The rest bottom pictures are inside Gallery page (print page). If you click each student's artwork one by one, You can see more than two artworks of each.

Camera page

This is the Camera page. You can place stickers anywhere on the screen. Clicking the shot button will display a real shooting effect, but remember to only screenshot this screen if you want to take a picture within the app. For this page, if you click the retry button beside the emoji button, you can restart the arrangement of the stickers you have already placed.

Message Board

We have the Message Board page where you can leave comments for the upcoming third-year students. By clicking on each text box, you can see comments from other users. Furthermore, you can leave a comment for the next year by clicking on the yellow comment button. Please ensure you follow the instructions for each input field. Your comments will appear instantly on the Message Board.

Print page inside gallery gif

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