Noodles is a collection of three screen printed works celebrating different kinds of noodles! A silly little project meant to be joyful and vibrant, to illustrate the link between different kinds of noodles and their links with my memory growing up.


Despite being from Southeast Asia, the first time I had Pho was actually in London (I never tried it before because I'm one of the people who don't like coriander), and this print was meant to illustrate that experience of trying Pho for the first time with friends.

Hae Mee!

When I was younger and did Judo lessons, my dad would bring us to the hawker centre nearby afterwards to get lunch, and he would always get Hae Mee, or prawn noodles.

Cup Noodles!

Designed to be a celebration of cup noodles, the images in the back were designed to illustrate the past, present and future the inventor imagined for it. In this illustration I was particularly concerned with capturing the brittle texture of the dried noodles transitioning to the its cooked form towards the bottom.

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