Original movement series

Abstraction of movement

The first A4 panel is depicting the movement of uncurling and getting up. I stacked the images on top of each other to show that there is no movement forward yet, just upwards. I chose a smaller A4 panel to mimic how my shape is small first. The moment she begins to twirl she “breaks free” and jumps through the frame and takes up space as also the other twirl shapes are big and fill a whole A3 panel. When the figure in my original series starts to go down again the twirl shape jumps back into the frame in the last A3 panel and the moment she starts to sit and lay down, the shapes are again stacked on top of each other to show that there is no moving around, just down. The last “back-bend” pose is bigger than most of the shapes to depict that now the shape has gone through a change, is calm and open.

Original series layout

Abstraction gif

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