Each object, each toy carries countless memories and feelings, as if telling stories from the past. The colourful building blocks, range of snacks, famous cartoon characters, and nostalgic game consoles are more than simply items; they are keys to memories. They are time witnesses connecting the past and the present, reality and imagination… I materialised childhood memories by collecting and archiving childhood objects and places. I hope to bring back that long-lost joy in your hearts. Those once simple and lovely moments come alive again, allowing you to find the pure and unadulterated joy within the hustle and bustle of contemporary life.

That Moment Ⅰ: playground

That Moment Ⅰ: playground

That Moment Ⅰ: playground

That Moment Ⅱ: snack shop

That Moment Ⅲ: playbox

That Moment Ⅳ: arcade

That Moment Ⅴ: circus

That Moment Ⅵ: toyland

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