What happens when we elevate dice to chronological markers? Dice are a universally understood interface that we have all interacted with when gambling or playing social games. However, have we ever questioned their role outside of this restricted context? This project intends to harness their unique potential of communicating more than a numerical outcome. As the oldest gaming implements known to man, these objects have shape shifted from primitive knucklebones in 2000 BCE used as conveyors of fate and fortune, to the empirical 6-sided design formed from our understanding of mathematical probability. Due to their unique ability to separate style from function, these artefacts have been repurposed by archaeologists to glean insights into changing belief systems and world views over history. This creates an opportunity to critique and illuminate truths of our current world through subverting its form. We are currently living in an age defined by rapid advancements in technology and automation where information is constantly at our fingertips and attention has become a valuable form of currency. This speculative evolution of dice subverts the pips to QR Codes connecting the user to digital environments. Through this, we can highlight issues alongside possibilities created from our growing understanding of technology.


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