Someone Else's Dream is a short film written by Kestra Laurent with contribution scenes by Kc Gardiner. The protagonist, known as Dreamer, accidentally enters (whilst they are dreaming) the dream world of Bobby. They have an inkling that they’ve ended somewhere that’s not their own but as often with dreams, it’s very hard to put your finger on what’s not making sense, whilst one is in one. The character of Bobby inhabits the space, but as it’s an entire world, they are not always present and Dreamer loses track of them at points. Bobby, morphs throughout but with their hair remaining the same, all the while is is processing their own life events - the character of Woman shows up in three different ways throughout. For Dreamer - the navigation of this world + the symbolism is fresh, as with the audience. The idea + feeling of loss + lost are intertwined throughout. Dreamer knows in someway that they are lost + Bobby is similar in her experience of loss, whilst also feeling lost. Pending release after film festivals submissions.

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