This project was our last work at Central Saint Martins. I experienced what good collaboration is and was able to express my honest feelings about the world I live in. It was an honour to be able to enjoy this advantage as an artist. What I learned through this project was relationships. The numerous interactions that occur in relationships with people led me somewhere. I would like to say that it is a work that shows the process itself, not the result. I'm also excited to see where this process I am going through will take me somewhere in the future. The theme of the work was self-control. I projected myself onto the chair and then wrapped the chair with tape. It was a time-based performance that showed what I think self-control looks like.

Pre-show 1

The audience watched me move around on stage and waited for the performance to start.

Pre-show 2

This is me waiting for the audience to come inside the theatre.

Wrapping the chair 1

I started with hanging it on the wire and wrapping it.

Wrapping the chair 2

Seating in front of the chair 1

No speaking lines. I had a conversation with myself.

Seating in front of the chair 2


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