Nover is an inventive biomaterial made from local waste streams that reinvigorates Keogh’s Model Bakery in Callan, Ireland through sustainable business opportunity. It is made from by-products such as wool, wood chips, stale bread and eggshells or hay. It is used to promote Keogh’s Model Bakery’s products and better accommodate customers in the form of display stands, stools and vessels. It invites existing customers to buy more of Keogh’s health-centered products, and targets new audiences such as hotels and restaurants to choose Keogh’s and its locally crafted vessels which are made from materials that would otherwise be discarded. The aim of this project is to give new value to Irish waste streams and show that materials like bread crumbs and coarse wool can be used in other forms than just croutons or yarn. Nover integrates into a circular sustainable economy, creating new possibilities for the bakery and the community.

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