In a world increasingly dominated by digital communication, non-Latin scripts face unique challenges. In Bulgaria, the 90s and early 2000s saw the emergence of ‘Shlyokavica’, an unofficial method of transliterating Cyrillic text using Latin characters. Today, Shlyokavica is often associated with laziness and being uncultured. My project investigates the long-ongoing use of Shlyokavica and seeks to understand its audience. By exploring the motivations and needs of its users, I aim to challenge assumptions and encourage empathetic understanding. The project consists of a tool that converts Shlyokavica text back into Cyrillic, hosted on a website with additional resources on the topic. This tool not only supports digital communication but also symbolises reconnecting with Cyrillic heritage. By providing resources, the project empowers Shlyokavica users to embrace their writing system and cultural identity.

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