Magnified Flower is inspired by the allure and intricate beauty of a flower. My fascination with the gradual transition of color within a singular blossom led to my experimentation and development of hand dyeing all of my yarn. By creating my own colors through dyeing, I was able to capture the elegance of a flower and translate it into my knitting. My goal, with this collection, was to not only highlight the beauty but also emphasize the global appreciation a singular flower deserves.

Magnified Flower Bralette and Bloomers

Magnified Flower Top Front

Magnified Flower Back of Top

Magnified Flower Skirt

Magnified Flower Front of Bralette

Magnified Flower Back of Bralette

Magnified Flower Dye process

Magnified Flower Front of Dress

Magnified Flower Dyed Yarn Hanks

Magnified Flower Back of Dress

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