Essentially, users don’t need the shelves themselves, but something to put things on. People want to listen to music, not the player itself. So, the acrylic shelf unit interacts with the user through its functionality and unique appearance, attracting their interest and presenting the value of the product itself. In order to stimulate the user’s curiosity, the potential of the material beyond our expectations was drowned out and it was used effectively in the product. Kerfing is a laser cutting technique to make hard material flexible often used for woodworking. When objects of certain weights were put on the acrylic, it immediately snapped, but with kerfing, it became flexible and did not snap even if the acrylic was bent into a curve beyond a certain angle. The strange look of the acrylic shelving unit makes the user consider what to put or display on it. This consideration would turn into a negotiation between the user and the product. Even though the instruction manual says the maximum load capacity, users would still be careful about what to put on the swinging shelf tops because both the material and the shelf don’t behave in the way acrylic and regular shelves behave as expected.

Shelving Unit made of clear acrylic and mild steel

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