The Noecelia is a vast ancient mycelial network in the shape of a forest, growing at the heart of a grand and empty place of learning, cultivated by an immortal steward and her automatons. If one chooses, they may commune with the Noecelia, its answers often take work to properly understand what it has told you. Based on a scene from season 2 of Chain of Being (Dinas’ Audio Drama project) and using the Noecelia’s lines (as Performed by Aimee-Ffion Edwards) as a vocal sample manipulated in a different way for each track of the album. The project explores accepting change and chaos, understanding the self, and learning. Humans like to search for patterns and meaning at every opportunity they get, it’s this quirk of our psychology that this album attempts to play with. By using the same vocal sample manipulated in a myriad of ways to make the words barely understandable the project creates a gap where one expects to find meaning, but finds none, a gap which human instinct will fill. Noecelia encourages you to observe and reflect what you find you put in that gap: What did you hear? What does that mean to you?


A 9 track electronic music album based around a poem from season 2 of Chain of Being

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