This video is a creative moving image made from the content written in my grandfather's will.

MAKING WILL - Yuhwa Shin

My project explores the deep emotions tied to the sadness and loss felt when someone we love is nearing the end of their life. It's inspired by my grandfather and aims to capture feelings of being alone, the heaviness of knowing someone will pass away, and how fleeting life is. Through my art, I want to show how painful it is for those left behind when a loved one dies, but also offer comfort and healing. In my artwork, I pay tribute to my grandfather by expressing my love for him. Every detail is meant to show how much I miss him and how sad I am that he's gone, hoping others will understand and feel the same way. Despite the sadness, there's also a message of hope, reminding us that memories can bring us peace and help us keep going. By mixing sadness and hope, my art makes people think deeply about life, death, saying goodbye, and remembering those we've lost. It encourages people to appreciate their loved ones more and understand the importance of cherishing the time we have together.

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