Cultural Threads: Exploring Critical Success Factors for Ivorian Fashion Entrepreneurs


This dissertation explores the critical success factors (CSFs) for fashion entrepreneurs in Côte d'Ivoire within the discipline of entrepreneurship and cultural studies. The research addresses the gap in academic literature regarding the unique challenges and opportunities faced by Ivorian fashion entrepreneurs, emphasising the importance of cultural identity in entrepreneurial success in fashion.

Critical Success Poster

A visual summary of the findings and anyalsis thorughout the Cultural Threads Dissertation (Missen, 2024)

edit_Cultural Threads_ Exploring Critical Success Factors for Ivorian Fashion Entrepreneurs (1) copy.pdf

The primary aim of this research is to identify and analyse the internal and business factors that contribute to the success of Ivorian fashion entrepreneurs, and to assess how cultural identity moderates these factors. The study seeks to develop a strategic framework that highlights the pivotal role of cultural identity in driving entrepreneurial success in the Ivorian fashion industry.

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