This collection delves into the intimate narratives individuals share with their bodies, challenges the boundary between jewellery and the body. The six pieces in the collection each discusses a step in the process of accepting our body imperfections such as being highly self-conscious, hiding the body, and trying to communicate vulnerability. Conventional jewellery often showcases a filtered and perfected identity, whereas this collection brings personal struggles and vulnerabilities into the open, encouraging authentic self-expression.

Skin Anecdote 06: 'stitch'

Skin Anecdote 01: 'Hide'

Skin Anecdote 02: 'Tear'

Skin Anecdote 05: 'Reveal'

Skin Anecdote 03: 'Restrict'

Skin Anecdote 04: 'Treasure' (side 1)

Skin Anecdote 04: 'Treasure' (side 2)

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