This artwork is based on the emotional expression of country and family between contemporary Chinese young people and their parents. In this work, I used emoji text and my performance to show the relationship between parents and children when the country is involved—the identity transformation presented at the time and the different emotional expressions that followed. My research began in the summer of 2023. During my stay in China, I noticed that parents often said words similar to "my child will only end puberty this year" when talking to friends and relatives. After long conversations and emotional exchanges with my parents, this change may be because I no longer discuss national government policies and related political factors that can affect my life in front of them. After research and investigation, I focused on filial nationalism and information walls and echo chambers. During the production process, I referred to the Internet culture in the Chinese Internet environment and used part of it to express the existence of the echo chamber. Filial piety is something that every Chinese will learn after birth. Filial piety nationalism promoted by grafting the identity of the person who performs filial piety is often ignored daily. Through this work, the audience can start to think about the relationship between country and family, the actual identity of the country in daily life, and the way to get along with relatives.

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