My Final Major Project aspires to make the inescapable subject of ageing relatable and engaging for diverse audiences. A book with vibrant illustrations is meant for children aged 6-8. While the narrative is easy to comprehend, it discusses the complex and invariably unsettling topic of memory loss in older people. The story includes characters that children can identify with, helping them understand the challenges and empathise with the experiences of their ageing relatives. A set of watercolour paintings of my great-grandmother, Matriona Shipaeva (1902-1995), is aimed at young adults aged 17-20. She witnessed a truly dark and dramatic historical period that included the Russian Revolution of 1917 and both World Wars. The motivation behind the paintings was to depict the wisdom and rugged beauty of an old woman. I hope that my work will help bridge generational gaps, fostering empathy, understanding, and respect for older generations through art and storytelling.

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