“But hardly anyone knows about these catastrophes or understands that they are just the first few symptoms of climate ecological breakdown. Because how could they? They have not been told. Or more importantly, they have not been told by the right people, and in the right way.” -Greta Thunberg An absence in coverage of climate change within print media is an issue that needs to be directly addressed. The information that is available to the public should not be determined by those of high positions of power. My project has reconstructed the format of the newspaper to emphasize the glaring void in climate change coverage that often goes unnoticed. My concealed print should prompt you to confront the stark reality of the insufficient and inaccurate attention given to environmental concerns in traditional journalistic discourse.

"Your Silence is Worst of All"

Initial experimentation on how legible type can be as a watermark.

Type exploration

Development of legibility through typefaces and use of serifs to correct letters.

The Sun's watermark

A sustainable made replica of the sun's headlines, highlighting missed coverage on climate change and the reasons for.

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